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Storm Peak's 5th & 6th Grade Program Featured in Steamboat Today

Steamboat Today
Hayden 6th-graders learn science with hands-on experience
by Zach Fridell

The balloon flew out of sixth-grader Taylor Colding's hand like a shot.

The white balloon, 2 meters wide, was carrying equipment that cost about $200. It would fly up into the atmosphere, more than twice as high as commercial airplanes, before bursting and plummeting back down to earth, broken.

But this was not bad news for Taylor.

In fact, letting go of that balloon was exactly what he needed to do to help Gannet Hallar, director of Storm Peak Laboratories.

Hallar, along with Tim Lim of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, were in Robin Bush's sixth-grade class at Hayden Middle School on Tuesday to continue a lesson started in the fall, when the class visited the lab... read full article